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Newest Additions

$12.75 - $25.50
NPK Industries RAW Grow in a new plant nutrient that delivers elements and supplements that are essential to your plants during their vegetative stage of growth.
$10.99 - $26.95
Grow More® BioCozyme is a specific combination of natural ingredients to help your plants with their day-to-day functions.
$179.95 - $249.95
CAN Max-Fan Pro Series are brand new to the market and are energy efficient exhaust fans that work great in any grow room setup.
Use Super Sprouter Multi-Colored Neoprene Inserts to prevent you new plants from moving around. This will prevent damage and allow them to grow safely.
$7.59 - $15.25
BioAG VAM helps to increase the beneficial relationship between your plants and natural fungi. This is a great solution when transplanting plants, if there is a drought, or presence of soil toxicities.
Hydro-logic Stealth & Small Boy Float Valve fits a 1/4 inch setup and connects simple and quick. Don't worry about overflowing you reservoirs again!
$12.75 - $25.50
RAW Bloom All-In-One is a fertilizer for your plants that is designed to help your plants grow healthier and fuller with a specific combination of nutrients, supplements and other elements.
The Sunleaves Lightwave CF Reflector features lightweight construction and proper light disbursement. Perfect for the indoor gardener on a budget! Need a bulb to go with your reflector Choose from 2 different VitaLUME bulbs!
Ideal-Air™ adjustable elbow ducting creates a 90 degree turn anywhere it's needed in your ventilation system.
Sun Blaster T5 HO fluorescent fixture and NanoTech Reflector is a winning pair! This combo kit will help increase lumens by up to 300%!
Save 12%
The Botanicare LT Clone Tray is an extremely shallow grow tray that will help you organize your grow room. Use it for cuttings, soil filled containers or bonsai trees or orchids.
Ushio's 1000 watt HPS Double Ended Lamp uses high red and blue spectral ratios to help increase your plants efficiency during photosynthesis and producing high flower and vegetative yields.
$49.95 - $244.95
Botanicare White Grow Trays work great for both ebb and flow systems and drip systems. They are created with heavy duty plastic and are BPA free.
General Hydroponics RainForest is a aeroponics system designed to perfect accommodate cuttings or even seeds and root transplants. It is the perfect place to give your plants the head start they need.
The Honey Bee Pollen and Trim Tray Kit is the perfect lightweight tray for all your trimming needs. It also features a 150 micron stainless steel tray that separates out pollen.
Save 15%
Monterey's Neem Oil is a fungicide/insecticide power house combo that won't leave you disappointed! Try it once and you'll be hooked.

Featured Products

$22.09 - $52.47
Mother Earth Super Tea Grow is a blended organic formula that supplies plants with comprehensive nutrition and revitalizes both soils and crops.
These 4KV mogul base socket extenders are used to lengthen an existing socket within an HID lighting reflector.
$126.95 - $169.95
Ice Box Heat Exchangers are a safe effective way to water-cool the hot air from your reflectors without adding air conditioning or additional fans.
The Gavita High Pressure Sodium bulb has a built-in reflector that's unique in the hydroponics industry. This distinctively shaped bulb is specially coated like a mirror on 1/2 of its inside surface to produce an incredible 95% rating on usable light.
$14.96 - $66.71
Hesi Hydro Bloom is a stand alone nutrient that introduces high levels of phosphorus and potassium to your plants to help them increase bloom size and flower scent.
Cutting Edge Solutions Sour-Dee stimulates amino acid production in your plants.
Incorporating a KDF85 catalytic carbon filter, the HydroLogic Small Boy De-Chlorinator is specifically designed to remove chloramines from city water.
<em>Helianthus cucumerifolius</em>
$8.26 - $60.75
To sustain optimum health, plants need to load up on carbohydrates during the production phase as their stored carbs are drained while producing flowers, fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables.
$3.50 - $107.95
Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets are the convenient, no-mess way to start flower and vegetable seeds and cuttings.
This fourth edition book is probably the best reference on the shelf for learning how to design and build a grow room and an aeroponics or hydroponics system from scratch.
People who need the absolute best CO2 controller available today, use the PPM-2a from C.A.P. Fuzzy Logic(tm) gradually brings the CO2 level up to the desired setting without over-shooting the desired CO2 level.
$34.95 - $109.95
When you need to control the size of your plants, use General Hydroponics Bush Load, a super concentrated ornamental growth regulator.
Botanicare Power Clone advanced liquid formula is recommended for use in aeroponics systems or when transplanting potted or bare-root plants.